Snowmobile & Dog Sled Adventures in Breckenridge

Breckenridge Dog SleddingMany people who visit Breckenridge during the winter make the slopes the focus of their trip. And that is completely understandable – there is a lot of amazing terrain in the resort! But there are so many winter activities in Breckenridge that you won’t be able to do them all in just one trip. Among many of our favorite winter activities, two stand out: snowmobile tours and dog sled rides.

Snowmobile tours are great for those among you who are looking to add more excitement to your Breckenridge experience. Dog sled rides are perfect for those who want to experience something unique while on vacation. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to have a magnificent time.

Good Times Adventures offers both of these awesome activities and they’re located just a few miles from downtown Breckenridge. They will be open for the season starting on December 12th and you can make reservations, which are required, by calling them at 1-800-477-0144. Below, we’ve included some more information on their various tours.

Snowmobile  Tours

With a snowmobile tour, you’ll get to see some of the most beautiful views in Colorado and cover a lot of the backcountry in a relatively short amount of time. There are over 40 miles of trails so you can experience different types of terrain on your tour. Their snowmobiles are brand new every season so there’s no need to worry about getting faulty equipment. You’ll also have access to free snow suits and boots if you need them and complimentary hot chocolate after your tour has finished. Good Times Adventures offers two tours: a two- and a three-hour.

The two-hour tour takes guests through the Swan River Valley, up Georgia Pass, and to the top of the Continental Divide at 11,585 feet above sea level where stunning panoramas await you.

The three-hour tour is designed for those riders who want even more time out in the backcountry and who are interested in seeing as much as they can of those 40 miles of trails. This tour is not recommended for children because of the amount of time spent outside.

Dog Sled Rides

Many people don’t even know that they have the option of taking a dog sled ride during their Breckenridge vacation, but it is not an opportunity to be missed. This ride takes you along six miles of trails through the Swan River Valley. It’s not just a ride, either – you’ll have the chance to run the sled yourself! The tour takes a little over an hour, during which you’ll learn about working with the Siberian Huskies and how to run the sled. Even better, you’ll be treated to spectacular scenery the whole time.

On your next Breckenridge vacation, make sure you get your time on the slopes but don’t forget about all the other wonderful opportunities for adventure that await you!

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